Hard Contact Lenses

Find hard contact lenses in Zurich – at Scheerer Optik

Advantages of hard contact lenses at a glance

  • Hard contact lenses are made of a harder, less porous synthetic material. They absorb less tear film and can therefore be worn longer than soft contact lenses.
  • Due to the dimensional stability of smaller hard contact lenses, especially people with dry eyes benefit from a high and long wearing comfort. The cornea is optimally supplied with nutrients in account of the consistent circulation on the tear film.
  • In case of high astigmatism, hard lenses are usually the better choice than soft lenses.
  • The risk of infection is lower.
  • Hard lenses are custom made for your eyes.
  • The base material used for hard lenses is oxygen permeable. This allows long-term tolerance even at an advanced age.

Expert advice on hard contact lenses in Zurich

Several factors should be taken into account choosing between hard and soft contact lenses. Your tear film also has an impact on the type of contact lenses that suits you best. We are happy to share our 30 years of experience in adjusting contact lenses in order to find the right hard contact lenses for you. Thanks to our experience, we can quickly evaluate your individual suitability for contact lenses. Together we will find contact lenses, that best fit your vision, corneal topography and eyes.

You are welcome to arrange a non-binding consultation with us, in order to find the best offer for you. For the appointment you will need to remove your contact lenses. If you are not a Scheerer Optik customer yet, please bring as many glasses and contact lenses as possible to your appointment. This will help us to find the perfect solution for you.

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