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Night lenses are also called orthokeratology or ortho-k lenses in technical language. Night lenses are specially designed and fitted to correct certain visual impairments while sleeping. Ortho-k lenses are mostly used for correcting short-sightedness and corneal curvature. By means of gentle pressure ortho-k lenses temporarily reshape the cornea in order to improve vision. Wearing ortho-k lenses at night allows customers to do without glasses or contact lenses during the day. Although, hard contact lenses must be worn on a regular basis in order to remain efficient. Positive effects of orthokeratology start after 1 week of wearing night lenses. We are happy to advise you on night lenses at Scheerer Optik in Zurich..

A customer’s comment

Denise Schneider Nachtlinsen

“I was never happy with my glasses and daily lenses. I’m an active person and I need to be flexible. Thanks to night lenses I can climb every mountain! With Scheerer Optik and the company Falco Kontaktlinsen i have found my ideal partners. Scheerer Optik advises me professionally and since I switched to Falco Kontaktlinsen, my vision has improved thanks to their special lenses. Their advice is excellent and I know that my eyes are doing good!” -Denise Schneider

Technical details regarding the effects of night lenses

Night lenses are designed to temporarily reduce short-sightedness until -6.0 diopters as well as astigmatism until -1.0 diopters, by temporarily changing the cornea of the eye. The cornea has a decisive impact on the refraction of light and thus also on vision.

Ortho-k lenses and the cornea are only separated by a thin tear film. Hydrostatic forces exert gentle pressure on the cornea and a slight tensile force on the periphery. This procedure allows to change the shape of the cornea and temporarily correct myopia.

Those special hard contact lenses are usually worn every night. In some cases, every second night can be sufficient. The use of ortho-k lenses is recommended in cases of:

  • Short sightedness until -6.0 diopters or astigmatism until -1.0 diopters
  • Tolerance problems with other contact lenses
  • Desire to do without other visual aids
  • Nearsighted and age vision (presbyopic)

Night lenses are highly oxygen permeable. In addition to the positive effects on short-sightedness, night lenses from the company Falco Kontaktlinse are ideal for anyone who feels restricted by their visual aid doing sports or working. Further advantages: no dry eyes while working on a computer, no dust particles between the lens and the cornea, no issues related to hay fever. Presbyopia in cases of short-sightedness can as a well be corrected with night lenses.

Due to the special structure of night lenses, irritations on the cornea that can provoke myopia no longer occur. In the long term, ortho-k lenses also reduce the risk of retinal diseases. With the company Falco Kontaktlinsen we have found the ideal partner to fit such special lenses almost without limits.


See myopia control.

Your orthokeratology specialist in Zurich – Scheerer Optik

Scheereroptik Ortho Schatten

Tages Anzeiger Article from 21.3.18

Franziska Scheerer - Gubler Contact Lenses - Specialist

For 15 years, Mrs. Scheerer has been supplying her clients with night lenses. Always interested in innovative fields, she entered the Swiss market of night lenses short after their introduction. Her personal vast experience is promising for the future. The positive effects observed, and the satisfied customers convinced her to make use of this system more frequent.

The target group for night lenses needs to be carefully introduced and instructed to night lenses. Hygiene is crucial for long term satisfaction of both, the customer and the consultant. Over the years, she has found that 90 % of her clients wearing night lenses have not experienced an increase in myopia. At professional development events in Switzerland and abroad, she was encouraged to continue her work in this field. She is convinced that wearing night lenses, also known as ortho-k lenses, is an effective method of keeping myopia under control.

For adolescents and children, Mrs. Scheerer recommends a prior visit to the ophthalmologist. An optimal start is between -2.00 and -3.50 dioptres. More severe myopia can still be treated with ortho-k, but the reasonable limit seems to be around -5.00 dioptres. In addition to the positive effect of myopia control, night lenses are ideal for those who feel restricted by their visual aid while doing sports or working. Further advantages: no dry eyes while working on a computer, no dust particles between the lens and the cornea, no issues related to hay fever. Presbyopia in cases of short-sightedness can as a well be corrected with night lenses. By means of various procedures, it is now possible to stop or slow down the progression fo myopia. If you have further question, visit the homepage and click on the tab "Contact Lenses". Category Contact Lenses Mrs. Scheerer has more than 30 years of experience with contact lenses. If you want to find the right solution for you, set a non-binding appointment with her at Scheerer Optik in Zurich. However, it is essential to make an appointment, as certain measurements need to be done in order to offer professional advice.

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