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    Do you know watery, sandy

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    A stable tear film is essential

    for a healthy and recovered eye

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    We will find, together with you,

    the best way to regain

    your eye comfort.

Dry Eye & Tear Film Disturbance

A stable tear film on the eye is essential for an eye that remains healthy and recovered for a long time. 


If the symbiosis between the eye and tear film is upset, this can manifest itself in many ways. The most common symptoms are:

  • Feeling of dry eyes
  • Itchy feeling
  • Overflowing tears without any apparent reason
  • Red eyes
  • Sensitive and red edges of eyelids
  • Swimming vision
  • Tired eyes, especially at a PC
  • Cannot tolerate wearing contact lenses


There are many reasons why the tear film might be disturbed. Often they are external factors, such as bad air or working on screens, which briefly evoke the feeling of irritation in the eye. But underlying illnesses, medication and hormones also have an effect on the production and composition of our tears.


Dry and irritated eyes are a chronic problem in the majority of cases. If nothing is done to combat it, the surface of the eye suffers permanent damage and the quality of vision and comfort of the eyes decrease over time.

What can I do about it?

Eye drops from the pharmacy or from the optician may bring short-term relief, but they will not fix the problem in the long term. The eye can only recover with a holistic treatment plan adapted to suit you.

We can offer you a thorough examination and will work together with you to find the best way to get back the comfort for your eyes.

Call us for a no-obligation consultation.


What is a tear film analysis?

We analyse the tear film and the surface of your eye with knowledge from many years of experience and the latest technology.

Among other things, we determine the level of redness of the conjunctiva:

With high-resolution infrared technology, the condition of an essential component of a healthy eye, the Meibomian glands, can be checked:

Even the stability of the tear film and the amount of the tears are visualised:

Based on the findings reached, we will draw up a plan for you that will allow your eyes to recover.

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