Franziska Scheerer-Gubler

  • Proprietor of Scheerer Optik since 1998.
  • Member of the Swiss Association of Optometry (SBAO) and the Zurich Association of Optometrists (VZA).
  • 10 years as an expert on final vocational examinations.
  • From 2008 to 2020 organiser of the qualification process for opticians within the Zurich canton and also a member of its examination commission.

Contact lenses:

As well as soft lenses, I adjust flexible contact lenses, overnight lenses and scleral lenses. Every year, I attend conferences and courses at home and abroad to ensure I have the knowledge to meet your discerning demands. I know effective ways of dealing with widespread conditions, such as dry eyes.
Recently, I have been involved in myopia screening in children and young adults.

Sports glasses:

I've already climbed numerous mountains in my life, 21 of them over 4000m. I have also covered several kilometres on cross-country skies or jogging in the woods, and long may it continue. Who knows the requirements of sports glasses any better?

Professional experience:

Thanks to the many years I have worked as an optician, I can convincingly pass on the experience I have garnered with varifocals and contact lenses.



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