i.Scription lenses: better vision – at day and night

i.Scription lenses: better vision – at day and night

Better vision while driving in low light conditions:

Looking directly at a light source at night, such as headlights, car drivers experience halo and glare effects.

i.Scription® technology reduces image noise experienced while driving a car.

i.Scription® lenses improve your vision at day and night. The i.Scription® lenses are tailor-made for you in order to add more brilliance to life with intense colours and sharp vision.

Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint. That’s why ZEISS adapt their lenses with i.Scription® technology to your eye down to the smallest detail. A crucial factor for perfect vision. ZEISS i.Scription® lenses are unique, just as your eyes.

i.Scription lenses: better vision – at day and nightBest vision thanks to state-of-the-art measurement technology

The ZEISS i.Profiler generates a detailed visual profile of your eyes accurately to 1/100 diopters using wavefront technology. This enables the production of lenses that are 25 times more precisely calculated than conventional lenses. Experience best vision with excellent depth and vibrant colours.

Advantages of i.Scription® lenses at a glance:

Better visual contrast:

The perception of contrasts, such as white letters on a black background, is particularly challenging for our eyes. i.Scription® technology improves and sharpens contrast.

Better colour vision:

i.Scription® technology makes life more brilliant. Wearers of i.Scription® lenses see colours as they are: bright and intense!

I.Scription2019 Katzenauge
IScription2019 Papagei
I.Scription2019 Zebra
high contrast

At Scheerer Optik in Zurich, we are happy to advise you on ZEISS lenses with i.Scription® technology. You are welcome to arrange a non-binding consultation with us, in order to find the best offer for you.


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