Myopia Control

Stop progression of myopia = Myopia Control

Myopia is a condition in which close objects appear clearly, but far one’s don’t. Myopia control provides methods to stop or slow the progression of myopia

Normal Eye

Light is focused on the retina for clear vision.

Myopia (nearsightedness)

When the eyeball grows, nearsightedness increases, and distant objects appear the more and more blurry

Retina      Light

Normal eye Short-sighted eye

Myopia is a common vision problem in childhood. The difficulty in seeing distant objects clearly is affecting daily activities negatively. In most people, myopia progresses after the age of 20.

Myopia Control: Advantages of early prophylaxis

Myopia not only causes blurry vision, but also other health risks. It usually goes hand in hand with elongation of the eye, which causes increased pressure on the retina. As a result, retinal detachment may occur after some time. Overall, the risk of retinal diseases is increased with myopia.

Myopia could negatively impact career choices, for example for pilots and police officers. Myopia control helps limiting the risk for such restrictions. In addition, retinal laser surgery becomes riskier with severe Myopia – another reason why early myopia control is highly recommended.


Genetics but also regular near work and retinal stress working on a computer, tablets, smartphones and so on, the lack of daylight and artificial light are among the main risk factors for myopia.

Myope Parental Genetics diagram Border Lifetime diagram

Myopia control: optimal procedure for prophylaxis

In recent years, numerous scientists, doctors, optometrists, and opticians have been working intensively on this topic conducting clinical studies and practical treatments. The results show that it is possible to stop or at least slow the negative development of myopia significantly.

As a specialist for contact lenses, we rely on various proven procedures. We have been active in this field since 2003 and bring the competences to choose the right treatment for you.

In orthokeratology (ortho-k) specially designed hard lenses are used to temporarily reshape the cornea and thereby improve vision. The contact lenses used for this purpose are also called night lenses. Soft or hard contact lenses with special optics can also be used. Special eyeglasses that stop myopia development are an alternative to ortho-k contact lenses.

Stop myopia– with special night lenses (Ortho-K)

The night lenses are put in in the evening before going to bed. They are worn overnight and taken off in the morning when getting up. In this way the front surface of your eye (cornea) gently reshapes, and your vision becomes clear.

No contact lenses or other visual aids are worn during the day. Night lenses are highly permeable to oxygen. In addition to the positive effect on myopia, night lenses are excellent for anyone who feels restricted with lenses or glasses at work or while doing sports. Other advantages: no dry eyes in front of the computer, no dust under the lenses, no problems with hay fever.

The special optical image on the retina counteracts stimuli that cause myopia. In the long term, this also reduces the risk of retinal diseases.

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Stop myopia – with special contact lenses

Children get stronger everyday – their prescription shouldn’t!

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with MiSight 1 daily disposable contact lenses

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Slows the progression of myopia by 59% on average.

MiSight contact lens affects the length growth of the eye, so this effect can stop or at least slow myopia.

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Stop myopia – with special eyeglass lenses

Glasses with special lenses are as well a convenient method for treating progressive myopia.

MiYOSMART: Smart myopia management for children

Progressive myopia in children is an important issue in society. With MiYOSMART glasses we are taking an innovative and science-based approach. MiYOSMART has been on the market since 2018 and is worn by more than half a million children from Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe.

MiYOSmart lens for glasses

A promising and vast field. That’s why we are happy to find the right solution for you after a diagnostic on site. We offer attractive financing models.

Myopia control: why prophylaxis is so important

Early treatment of myopia (myopia management) can slow its progression and reduce the risk of other retinal diseases.

Myopia risk table Netzhautdegeneration

Stop myopia – with special eye drops: atropine

Atropine therapies are possible under ophthalmologic care. Atropine is mainly used to determine the exact refractive power of the eye by interfering with the autofocus of the crystalline lens and enlarging the pupil. Regarding myopia control, only a highly diluted solution is used, which has no effect on everyday life. This method is mainly used in children. We will be happy to refer you to a specialist.

Myopia control: optical and pharmaceutical measures


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Myopia undercorrection
Eyeglass lenses: varifocals, bifocals, and newer designs
WCL: bifocal and multifocal

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