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Vision Test

Optometry Price List:

  • CHF 70.- Vision test (far)
  • CHF 90.- Vision test (far and near)
  • CHF 40.- Quick re-checking of your prescription
  • CHF 20.- Computer eye test
  • CHF 20.- Driver’s license eye test with completed form
  • CHF 30.- Driver’s license eye test without form

We charge our services for preventive eye examinations according to effort. The hourly rate is at CHF 198/h.

These include:

CHF 198/h Optometric services
- Prophylaxis of various eye diseases such as cataract
- Examination for binocular vision dysfunction

CHF 198/h Dry eyes
- Detailed eye examination and investigation of the causes for discomfort
- Comprehensive consulting on short- and long-term treatment
- Follow-up appointment

With your consent, we provide specialist reports in case of anomalies or changes concerning your eyes.

CHF 50 for standard reports
CHF 75 for detailed reports with provision of image material and measurement results

Please note that missed appointments or appointments canceled with less than a 12 hour notice will be charged with CHF 45.

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