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  • Sehen und Sport

    Vision and sport

    We are on the ball:

    Meet them -

    preferably us!

  • Wir haben die Kondition

    Worn by the best

    - and offered.

  • Sehen und Sport

    Fitness, endurance and

    foresight I take with me

    in the business life.

  • Wir haben die Kondition


    sports glasses -

    run today

    to us!

    Direct glazing

  • Scheerer Optik

    Your specialist for corrected

    and adapted sports glasses.

    Clip - Systems we fit

    successful up to approx.

    - 12.00 d. on.

We specialize in corrected and adapted sports glasses.

With our performance-enhancing sports glasses, you will leave the competition behind. We take your sport and analyse which frame will bring you the greatest benefit and which lens colour will offer optimum protection or contrast. We have specialized in this field for years and know which dazzle and UV protection you need. It is our pleasure share our personal experiences with you.

As a chosen specialist for directly glazed Oakley, Adidas, Maui Jim, Julbo or Rudy Project sunglasses, we successfully make every other type of wrap sunglasses, also with direct glazing.

Correction too strong for direct glazing and no interest in contact lenses? The clip systems from Adidas or Sziols, for example, allow us to make high corrections up to -12.00 dpt for you.

Sport and vision - we're on the ball!

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