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Corrected and adjusted Sports Glasses at Scheerer Optik in Zurich

Scheerer Optik Zurich Oakley Sports GlassesVisit us in our optician store at Zurich main station and find the right sports glasses.

As specialists for direct glazed Oakley, Adidas, Evil Eye, Maui Jim, Julbo and Rudy Project sunglasses, we can glaze all types of curved sunglasses.

Is your prescription too strong for direct glazing and you don’t like wearing contact lenses? With clip in systems from Evil Eye or Sziols, this is no longer a problem. At Scheerer Optik, we can provide you with corrections until -12.00 dioptres!

Wind channel for endurance test

Our wind channel simulates wind speeds of up to 65 km/h. It was designed and developed by Sziols in order to test and improve the aerodynamics of sports glasses. With Sziols wind channel testing you can convince yourself on-site

Scheerer Optik Zurich Sports Glasses Wind channelScheerer Optik Zurich Sports Glasses Wind channel

Maui Jim Readers for athletes over 45

Bifocal sports glasses for clear vision in near zones with Maui Jim’s HO'OKIPA READER sunglasses feature bifocals with a dioptric strength of +1.50, +2.00 or +2.50 and allow comfortable use of bike computers, smartphones or topographical maps. The bifocal part is integrated in the back of the lens and nearly undetectable.

Scheerer Optik Zurich Sports Glasses Maui Jim

Other models are available on request. For example:

Scheerer Optik Zurich Sport Glasses Maui JimScheerer Optik Zurich Sports Glasses Maui Jim

Correction goggles

Scheerer Optik Zurich adjusted diving goggles

Photo © Breitfeld & Schliekert GmbH

Choose the best fit for you on-site!

  • Simple corrections are available within a day. The price is about 120 CHF.-
  • Available from: -10.00 dpt. until +6.00 dpt.

Goggles with individual prescription

  • Higher corrections or corrections with astigmatism are available within at least 5 days.
    The price starts at 230 CHF.-
    Price with polarized or phototrophic lenses until 380 CHF. -.
  • Available from: -20-00 dpt. until 18.00 dpt. / +6.00 cyl.

Correction diving goggles

Bring your new fitting diving goggles. We will determine your correction and type of lenses as well as the centring. Your individual correction lenses are inserted and permanently assembled my means of a precision gluing technology in cooperation with a specialist.

Prices per pair:
Far zone: Fr. 400.-
Bifocal Fr. 400.-
Varifocals Fr. 500.-


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